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Tips on Choosing a Wedding Videographer


Did you know that more than two-thirds out of the over 2,000,000 annual weddings are now being videotaped? And that number is growing daily!

In the not too distant past videography was considered a luxury item and mostly under-used. However, today it is considered as valuable as regular photography, especially when you have a fun and interactive DJ emceeing your once-in-a-lifetime event. Today’s question for most brides isn’t whether she’ll have video of her magic day, but instead how to choose a wedding videography professional.

  • Start searching early. Try to begin no later than six to nine months before the wedding. Like DJ’s, the most professional, reputable companies are booked at least six months in advance.

  • Get a sample video. Look for good camera work – steady, sharp focus – proper color, adequate lighting, good exposure. You should also have clear sound. Does the videographer use wireless microphones for your precious wedding vows?

  • Try not to use an amateur. Don’t expect Uncle Bill to videotape your wedding simply because he owns a camcorder. Would you be upset if your videographer partied, drank and ate along with your celebration? You may end up with just that by having a friend or relative do you video. Also, is it fair to ask a friend or relative not to share in your celebration and work while the rest of your guests have a great time?

  • Demand professional equipment. Low-light cameras, wireless mics and quality equipment. Do they carry back-up equipment? Why leave your special day to chance?

  • What type of post-production editing is provided? Quality post-production editing done after the wedding converts ordinary unedited footage into a beautiful, moving and professional production! Do not accept in-camera editing – this is simply just turning the camera on and off.

  • Do they offer professional effects? Can they add special still photos such as baby pictures? Smooth scene transitions, appropriate soundtrack, effects like mosaics, multiple images, fades and a strong finale (for example, flashbacks of wedding highlights) make for a video your friends and family will remember and one you’ll treasure forever.

Some final points to consider:

Every wedding has some friends or family members who could not attend, perhaps due to illness or work. Your video is the next best thing to having been there. Often your guests will have such a great time that still pictures just don’t do your celebration justice. And if your videographer is a friend or family member, it may be tough for them to fully enjoy the party. With non-professional videography there’s a chance they might not have back-up equipment and miss some fun or important things, or they may inadvertently get in the photographer’s way.

It’s OK to think hard and consider your options. Speak to as many wedding professionals (banquet people, florists, DJ’s, wedding planners, limo services, etc.) as possible and make an informed decision. Would you want to say to your spouse, "Gee hon, we all had such a great time, I really wish we had a video"?

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