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Frequently Asked Questions

Top Questions Frequently Asked When Hiring DJ Entertainment

  1. Do you offer a written contract?
    Answer: Yes we do
  2. Who will be the disc jockey performing at our wedding reception?
    Answer: You can select a DJ or we match the right personality for you and the type of package you select.
  3. Are your disc jockeys experienced hosting wedding receptions?
    Answer: We offer the perfect DJ for all types of events. We only assign experienced wedding DJs for wedding receptions.
    All DJs are professionally trained.
  4. How long will you hold our date?
    Answer: We can hold your date until we hear back from you. If someone wants to book our service we will give you a courtesy phone call before we book someone else.
  5. What sets Best of Times apart from other disc jockeys?
    Answer: We offer trained professional disc jockeys who enjoy what they do. We honor all of your wishes and exceed your expectations. We will entertain all ages and create long lasting memories.
  6. Do you carry the proper insurance required by my venue?
    Answer: We carry insurance which is required by most country clubs and fine banquet facilities.
  7. What type of equipment do you use?
    Answer: We use professional grade sound and lighting.
  8. Do you have back up equipment?
    Answer: All DJs carry back up equipment
  9. What happens if my DJ gets sick?
    Answer: We have back up DJs on stand-by along with a 24 hour live answering service on the weekends.
  10. Have you performed at our venue before? If not, will you do a site inspection if requested?
    Answer: We have performed at many facilities in the tri-state area of the past twenty five years. If we are not familiar with a certain venue we can do a site inspection.
  11. Will the DJ take any breaks?
    Answer: We do not take any breaks unless we are provided a meal. If there are two DJs, they will take turns eating.
  12. Do you coordinate with any other vendors?
    Answer: Yes! We contact the venue prior to the date. The day of, we will review the schedule with all vendors. We keep all vendors posted on when the next special event will take place.
  13. How much do you charge?
    Answer: Cost will depend on the package you select. We gather all the important details and look at hours of service, facility location and type of equipment needed for a successful celebration.
  14. Is the deposit refundable?
    Answer: No, however we keep it on file for any future event or you can transfer it to any family member or friend. There is no expiration.
  15. What types of packages do you offer?
    Answer: Please visit our website pages for DJ packages offered:
    Weddings | Celebrations | Company Events | Bar/Bat Mitzvahs
  16. Do you offer bundled packages?
    Answer: Yes!
  17. Do you offer discounts for Friday or Sunday weddings?
    Answer: Yes!
  18. Do you offer a military discount?
    Answer: Yes!
  19. Will you play all of our musical requests?
    Answer: Yes, and if you allow the guests to request we will try to play theirs as well.
  20. Do we need to provide music to the DJ?
    Answer: No!
  21. Are we required to feed the DJ?
    Answer: No!
  22. What will the DJ wear?
    Answer: If the event is formal we will wear a full tuxedo. If the event is semi-formal we will wear a suit and tie.
  23. Can we meet or speak with a disc jockey prior to booking with you?
    Answer: Yes!
  24. What time will the DJ arrive for set up?
    Answer: They will arrive 1.5 to 2 hours prior.
  25. Am I charged for set up or tear down?
    Answer: No
  26. Can my guests request songs?
    Answer: Yes, if allowing requests approved by the client.
  27. What type of props and giveaways do you provide?
    Answer: We have a variety of fun things available. We can provide you a list of the most requested items.
  28. Can I select the props and giveaways?
    Answer: Yes
  29. What type of music will you play before the ceremony?
    Answer: We will play what the client requests. Classical is the most requested music played.
  30. For the Bridal party introductions, can we select a separate song for each couple?
    Answer: Yes!
  31. Do you offer overtime?
    Answer: Yes, if the facility approves the extension of the celebration.
  32. Do you offer specialty lighting?
    Answer: All of our packages include lighting for the dance floor. We offer uplighting, Gobos and any type of specialty lighting at an additional charge.
  33. Do you have a photo booth?
    Answer: Yes
  34. Can I view a DJ live?
    Answer: Yes, if the client and the facility approve. We can also send you DVDs to review.
  35. What is your policy on alcohol or smoking during the reception?
    Answer: We do not allow the DJs to drink alcohol. Most reputable facilities do not serve the vendors alcohol. Most DJs refrain from smoking until they are finished performing.
  36. Will the DJ attend the wedding rehearsal?
    Answer: No!

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