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Tips on Choosing Worry-Free DJ Entertainment

  1. As you know, the key to the success of your wedding reception is not so much in the food or the venue, although they are both important. The real key to a successful wedding reception is the entertainment you choose. This can be challenging because you will have guests of all ages to entertain.

    So how do you decide which company is best for you?

  2. The key to selecting an entertainment company that you can trust is to look for experienced, talented professionals that are honest, provide quality service, affordable packages and reliability. They should also have a great reputation with plenty of references and testimonials.

  3. Our advice would be to focus on those DJs who come from a musical background - Live musicians, singers, artists and DJs. They are the ones that are in the business because of music and entertaining and will more likely deliver excellent service. Select a DJ that fits your personality, listens to you carefully and will honor all of your wishes.

  4. Select a company that provides you with a backup plan in case of an emergency such as DJs on call along with back up equipment.

  5. Always receive a written contract. Review it carefully to be sure all your wishes and requests are provided.

  6. According to current studies, people spend only about 8% of their wedding budget on entertainment while the importance of their wedding success depends 70% on entertainment. Almost all the brides regret not spending more time and money on their wedding reception entertainment, while almost all the guests consider entertainment to be the most memorable part of the wedding. All of this means that going for big name companies or simply trying to find the cheapest DJ is not a great idea and can often lead to disappointment and frustration. In the meantime, I would not recommend to judge by the price. Sometimes you can find more value for $800 than for $1500, and you should remember that the one who talks the best is not necessarily the one who works the best.

To sum it all up, we measure our success as entertainers by how good we make you and your guests feel.

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